For your complete peace of mind, the entire project is overseen by one of our experienced project managers who will be responsible for every aspect of project planning, delivery and implementation.


We often act as the principal contractor, when so required. We are always pleased to work with the Client’s own Health and Safety officer and provide an H&S Plan to suit the specific site requirements.


All subcontractors are vetted to ensure they match and adhere to the high standards set down by The Mobius CE Consortium, the majority of whom we have worked with for many years.


All personnel are skilled in their own field as well as cleanroom build protocols. To enable efficient and effective Project Management, our method of operation includes regular site meetings and project updates, which ensures that all cost constraints and project delivery

milestones are met.


As part of our flexible way of working we are always pleased to incorporate any Client changes that are made during the construction phase and modify drawings to show the ‘as built’ solution.


The Mobius CE Consortium has successfully delivered cleanroom solutions in:



-Containment and Laboratories

-Display Technology

-General Manufacturing



-Medical Research

-Micro Electronics





Projects Department:


The entire process is Project Managed with the utmost professional efficiency. All our designs comply with recognised industry practices in accordance with the appropriate cleanroom standards, such as, ISO14644, USP 797, EU GGMP, US FED STD 209. The Cleanroom Consortium covers all major fields of cleanroom design including electronics, pharmaceutical, healthcare, optical, food and medical industries as well as research facilities for universities and colleges.


The controlled environment can be conventional flow, unidirectional flow, aseptic, sterile and containment or a mixture of the above, depending on the type of industry and the type of process required.


Our portfolio of solutions includes laminar flow canopies, chemical process benches, air showers, pass-through’s, process gases, auto claves and a wide range of specialist  equipment.


Our involvement does not just end there!


The principal aim and business philosophy, is to provide a high quality and professional service dedicated to matching our clients exact needs and requirements with the most cost effective solution, delivered within budget and predetermined project timescales.


Please note, the earlier you involve us in your project, the better. By understanding your processes and requirements more, we can engineer the best technical and commercial solution for you.