The Envirodoor name is known throughout the World as a company associated with the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of high quality, highly technical industrial and hygienic doors.


Extraordinary material

We use a non-organic non-combustible foam core seam-lessly encased in 3mm (minimum) glass reinforced poly-ester fibre to create one of the most hygienic and water-proof doors on the market.

There is no organic material in our GRP doors meaning that the door does not swell, rot, warp, rust or attract bacteria thus making the door incredibly hygienic and perfect for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and leisure sectors.

Customised solutions

Doors are manufactured to order from our large range of stan-dard sizes after either measuring door openings on site or by complying with architect’s drawings. Special sizes are available on request.

Door frames are available in stainless steel (powder coating optional), aluminium (anodised or powder coated) or GRP. Our stainless steel frames can be supplied in a ‘plant on’ version or in a two piece version which wraps around the wall and which hides the fixing points so no screws or bolts can be seen, adding to both the visual and hygienic qualities of the door set.

Special solutions

Our GRP doors can attain up to 240 minutes fire resistance with no visible or exposed intumescent material required in the door frame or the door blade (concealed beneath the glass fibre skin) adding to the door’s hygienic qualities.If required, our doors are able to achieve an acoustic rating of up to 37db (laboratory tested) making them perfect for hygie-nic areas where sound reduction and discretion are important.

Crach doors

As well as our fire rated insulated GRP doors, our range includes our GRP ‘S Type’ crash doors.

Made of the same non-organic material as our GRP insula-ted doors, our GRP ‘S Type’ crash doors provide a very cost effective solution for crash doors in areas where hygiene is paramount.

The doors can be supplied with GRP, stainless steel or alu-minium frames and come with or without vision panels (with rubber or aluminium trims) and either self closing or hold open Delrin 180 degree swing double spring hinges.

The doors can be protected with either smooth or rib-bed rubber or smooth PVC protection or polypropylene  bumpers.

Sliding doors

Our GRP hygienic door range also extends to a GRP sliding door, providing the most cost effective hygienic sliding door solution on the market.

Made of similar non-organic material as our GRP insulated doors, our GRP sliding doors provide a very cost effective solution for areas where hygiene is paramount and hinged doors are not appropriate.

The doors are available with, steel frames and come with or without vision panels.

The doors can be supplied with PVC, rubber, aluminium or stainless steel protection.