Whatever stage you are at, our experienced in-house design team will pay close attention to your individual requirements to guide you through the complexity of controlled environment services, structures and finishes.


You will be dealing with dedicated industry professionals who pride themselves on listening and understanding your exact needs and requirements, prior to advising on and recommending a solution.


A comprehensive and in depth needs analysis is conducted to determine the most appropriate classification and configuration of room requirement. Data incorporating temperature and relative humidity requirements, process extract, process heat gains etc. is used to determine the type, quantity and quality of airflow and conditioning systems.


Most rooms are designed to operate at a positive pressure to prevent the ingress of contamination from the surrounding environment. This is achieved by providing fresh air for losses around doors etc. as well as air to replace air lost to extraction from process machines and wet benches/fume cupboards etc. Attenuation is chosen to meet specific noise levels depending on the purpose of each area or Clients requirements for each area.


Computer aided design systems and simulations complete the design procedure.

Materials are then selected which are most appropriate to each individual application,

for example, antistatic, anti-bacterial, chemical resistant, wear resistant, fireproof, etc.



The stage is completed by the production and delivery of a detailed design solution

presented in the form of a comprehensive specification and quotation, together with

CAD drawings. Our proposals include detailed project plans, if required.