The Mobius CE Consortium of technical experts plan, manage and carry out commissioning for every cleanroom facility that we build.

Where necessary, we will bring in additional specialist support from equipment manufacturers.

Our methodical checklist approach ensures that any potential problems can be identified and rectified rapidly, prior to the qualification and validation stages.


These include particle counts, temperature, humidity and pressure readings as well as DOP tests where required.

Our service also includes the option of using independent engineers to test the facility, should that be preferred.




Air conditioning is checked to ensure design criteria are met, these include: duct velocity checks (to meet noise constraints),

filter face velocities (to keep within stated limits and calculate air change rates), room pressure rates and pressure regime between rooms (balanced by adjusting supply, return and fresh air rates).


Controls are checked against calibrated sensors and programmed into the CPU controller. On completion of commissioning we often leave a laptop on site to down load the parameters and show these in the form of graphs to form part of the commissioning documents.


The controls can also be connected to the general building BMS system. Modems can be fitted to enable our controls engineers to view read-outs from their offices without the need to visit site, enabling on line diagnosis of any problems.


Wet bench supply and extract air volumes are set to design criteria and system compatibility proved using smoke tests.

To protect your investment, we recommend a routine maintenance programme (please see below), incorporating an emergency callout facility.


We will, as part of the service, provide your staff with a comprehensive training program in cleanroom procedures and maintenance, complemented by a full set of maintenance manuals.