Amray is a leading European manufacturer of Radiation Shielding products to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our extensive range of room shielding, personal protection products and accessories are unrivalled.

Anywhere bacteria and virus contamination is a concern,

AmRay BioShield Doors provide the solution.

With the growing demands of hygiene legislation and ever more stringent health and safety standards comes increasing pressure on industries and public bodies to provide effective barriers to the spread of bacteria, viruses and contamination.


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X-ray protection control booths provide the user with a safe viewing environment during x-ray procedures. The cabins are constructed from panels with a lead core that are faced on both sides. Lead glass viewing panels are incorporated into a design with the complete structure being housed within an aluminium frame. Once assembled the whole system becomes a self-supporting unit.

Radiation shielding is achievd by bonding lead to fibreboard or plywood to meet the design needs of an individual project. Lead thickness is variable depending on the levels of protection required

Amray offer four specialist designs of Room Shielding systems for walls, ceiling and floors.

AmRay offer a wide selection of radiation protection lead lined doors and frames. They are available in a variety of styles, form and function. Designed and manufactured to industry standards and conforming to European legislation, AmRay radiation protection doors offer complete protection against radioactive emissions.

Mobile screens are used during various procedures to provide protection to medical personnel. Additionally, AmRay’s mobile screens offer a choice of glass viewing area to maintain good visibility of the operating field. Our in-house design team are able to adjust specification to meet any non-standard requirements.

A leaded glass-viewing window is an important feature in any scanning room. This allows the operator to view the patient in a protective environment. The lead material inside the glass can vary depending on the lead equivalence required. Lead glass can be provided to any size depending on the client’s requirements.

Designed in Aluminium for MRI systems, RF Shielding controls and contains the magnetic field thereby protecting the quality of the image. Unlike copper alternatives the Aluminium design is a self supporting durable design constructed from modular aluminium sections.